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Product Overview

ProcessView for Windows is a Server Process that is utilized for CPU performance analysis. Basically, it will display what Tandem processes are utilizing the most CPU time. This is not to be con fused with any Performance Analysis & Tuning Software available for Tandem, that will actually tune the system. It is used as a utility only for viewing CPU status. With ProcessView, all system tuning will need to be performed by a system manager. However the cost of ProcessView is much less than system tuning software and ProcessView takes up far less of the system's resources.

Systems Requirements

bullet486 or higher with a minimum of 16MB of RAM
bulletWindows 9x
bulletWindows NT 3.51 or 4.0

Networking Requirements

bulletWindows Sockets (WINSOCK) TCP/IP protocol compliant stack

Tandem Requirements

bulletTandem's NonStop TCP/IP communications protocol.
bulletC30 or higher operating system.
bulletPathway (two servers are provided and must be configured).

Additional Information

bulletProcessView DOES NOT use the MEASURE product.
bulletProcessView utilizes less than 1% in one CPU.
bulletProcessView will list the top twenty processes in each CPU.
bulletProcessView will list the top twenty processes in the system.
bulletPercentage of CPU utilization display can be configured.


All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars and are described in the following table:

License Fee Annually
First System $3,000.00
Each Additional System $2,500.00

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