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Product Overview

ReportView accesses reports in the Tandem Spooler subsystem from a Windows based graphical user interface. The graphical interface allows the user to view several reports concurrently.

A Spooler Job Selection List provides point and shoot access to the users jobs. The selection list facilitates the viewing and management of the reports.

When the user selects a job from the Spooler Job Selection List, an entire page of the selected report is presented in a separate window. The report window allows the user to zoom in to view specific data, and out to see as much of the report as possible. Forward and backward searching is available to locate specific text within a page/report.

ReportView for Windows allows the user to print a report on any Windows supported printer, including WinFax. ReportView also allows the user to save a report to an ASCII formatted disk file. An option is available to execute a program to access the file upon completion of the download.

The Spooler Job Selection List also performs Tandem Spooler management functions. Those functions include; deletion, holding, starting, and altering of report attributes. The user can select one or more of the available reports to perform these actions.

The user can restrict the number of reports displayed within the Spooler Job Selection List. The user can enter a specific location, report name, form name, to and from date and time. A ten entry list is maintained for each of the above filters. Filters remain in effect, across sessions, until cleared by the user.

The ReportView system provides Tandem user logon verification. A logon screen is presented upon startup, which requires a valid Tandem userid and password be entered. Once the logon is complete, only reports owned by the user will be retrieved from the Tandem spooler. When a SUPER group user logs on all Tandem reports will be made available

System Requirements

bullet486 or higher with a minimum of 8MB of RAM
bulletWindows 3.0 or higher
bulletWindows 9x
bulletWindows NT 3.51 or 4.0

Networking Requirements

Windows Sockets (WINSOCK) TCP/IP protocol compliant stack
Tandem's Remote Server Call (RSC) client software.

Tandem Requirements

Tandem's NonStop TCP/IP communications protocol.
Tandem based Remote Server Call (RSC) server software.
C30 or higher operating system.
Tandem Standard SPOOLER.
Pathway (three servers are provided and must be configured).


All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars and are described in the following table:

License Fee Annually
First System $5,000.00
Each Additional System $3,000.00

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